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Getting cheap flights in South Africa

Travelling around South Africa is truly one of the most rewarding experiences one could ever have. However, travelling by train or car isn’t always a feasible or safe option, especially when the high rate of traffic accidents in the country is considered. Finding cheap flights in South Africa is therefore a worthwhile pursuit.
One way of securing a cheap flight in South Africa, is to specify that you want the “lowest possible fare”, when booking through a travel agent. Travel agents often will not volunteer information about cheap tickets unless specifically asked.

Buying tickets online is also not a guarantee of getting a cheap flight in South Africa. Compare rates between different airlines and be bold if a good deal is offered. It is usually a good policy to book directly through the airline’s website, but sometimes large internet travel sites offer good deals.

Frequent flyer miles are another way to get a cheap flight in South Africa. If you’re lucky and you have enough miles, your flight might even be free! The most well-known frequent flyer programme in South Africa is the Voyager Programme, an alliance between South African Airways and several other airline and travel partners. Frequent flyer miles offer so much more than just cheap flights in South Africa; it could significantly reduce the cost of overseas flights.

The most obvious way to secure a cheap flight in South Africa is to book as far in advance as possible. This is especially important if you intend to travel during school holidays, public holidays or major events.. In booking flights, try to be flexible. Different dates may yield different prices on tickets, as do different times. Once you have decided on a date, however, do not change it! Many airlines charge a hefty administration fee to change the date on an electronic flight ticket.

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