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How to find cheap holidays

The current economic climate has seen many of us tightening our belts and curbing unnecessary spending. Holidays are usually one of the first items on the budget to be cut in times of financial difficulty. However, holidays are a time of rest and relaxation, when batteries are recharged and valuable time is spent with family and loved ones. The question therefore, is not whether to go on holiday, but how to find a cheap holiday!

Once again, the Internet proves to be a valuable resource in finding cheap holidays. Numerous Internet sites offer special deals to suit even the most cash-strapped budget. Take care, however, that you use only reputable Internet sites from well-known travel agencies or service providers. Otherwise, your cheap holiday could very well turn out to be much more expensive than you anticipated!

Choosing the right destination will certainly make all the difference to your cheap holiday. Keep exchange rates in mind. Good options for South Africans include other African countries and the Far East. Avoid the UK, Europe or the United States of America if you want to cut costs.

Package holidays are becoming more popular for those people who want a cheap holiday, or at least those who want to avoid unexpected costs as much as possible. Package holidays became less attractive a few years ago, when travellers started to book their own accommodation and air travel through the Internet. However, package holidays are enjoying something of a revival due to uncertain economic circumstances and travellers seeking greater financial security. Modern trends in package holidays are allowing travellers to custom-make their own holiday package, which certainly will contribute to a rise in popularity.

When you book your holiday, could also make all the difference in the amount you pay. Either book very early or very late. Some travel agents advise travellers to book at least 11 months in advance, when there are plenty of cheap rooms and seats available. However, taking advantage of last minute offers could also save you money. Airlines and holiday resorts are often desperate to fill beds or seats, and will offer great deals to make sure it happens.

Take advantage of special offers outside peak travelling seasons. This way, you will not only be able to secure a cheap holiday, but you will avoid the crowds too!

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