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Going solo in 2016 Travelling is an adventure, but more so when you’re doing so alone. Not sure you can handle the stress of putting it all together, never mind venturing out on your own? A guided holiday may be just the ticket to getting under the skin of a destination with new friends...?Going on a solo holiday in 2016 will cost you the same as it would’ve cost you in 2015 before the rand took its dramatic dive,? says Theresa Szejwallo, Trafalgar South Africa MD. ?On top of that, solo travellers receive a 50-100% discount on standard single supplements on selected trip departures.?Here are Theresa’s top solo holiday picks for 2016: Viva la bella Italia! Roman monuments, Venetian canals and Florentine artistry are the perfect introduction to your Italian Holiday. Wander through the ancient streets of Rome and marvel at the construction of St. Peter's Basilica. Visit the Vatican Museums and appreciate Michelangelo's magnificent frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Travel through Tuscan landscapes and cross the Venito plains on your way to Venice. Snap a selfie at the Leaning Tower of Pisa before heading to Florence. Brush up on Renaissance history by visiting Piazza della Signoria with its imposing palazzi and impressive sculptures. Time to get packing, wouldn’t you say? Buena onda... (Good vibes...) How about meandering through the maze which is the La Boqueria market while tasting samples of Manchego cheese, Jamón Serrano and fat olives? If this sounds like your idea of the perfect holiday, here’s what you’ll be up to on the Spanish Wonder. Visit the Church of Santo Tomé where you’ll get to stand in awe of The Burial of Count Orgaz – one of El Greco’s most famous paintings. Enjoy Spanish dinners with new-found friends while sipping on Sangria. Go on a sightseeing tour of Seville where you’ll get to see the Bell Tower of the Giralda and even Christopher Columbus' ornate tomb in the Cathedral. Learn how to cook traditional paella after admiring the architecture of the medieval Cathedral and the Serrano and Cuarte Towers in Valencia. Andale andale, arriba arriba!¿! An alternative to the obvious...Why go west, when you can go east? A solo holiday adventure through Prague, Vienna and Budapest is the difference you need. Visit St. Vitus’ Cathedral, admire the quaint Astronomical clock and see the Charles Bridge in the city of Prague. Enjoy a guided visit to the Habsburgs royal collection of art and wonders in Vienna where the breathtaking Kunstkammer will astound you. Go on a walking tour of the Castle District in Buda and Drive to Pest see the Great Synagogue. Summer or winter, this certainly is a destination out of the ordinary...

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