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Don’t cancel your Europe plans

Don’t cancel your Europe plans…

If your hopes of travelling to Europe are going the same way as the rand, take some solace in the fact that a guided holiday to Europe will cost you the same as it would have last year August, in fact 30% less than what it would’ve cost if Trafalgar had decided to follow the same road the rand has over the past six months.

Good news for South African travellers announced recently by Trafalgar is that it has fixed the price of its 2016 holidays to August 2015 prices, before the rand took its latest plunge downwards.

Says Theresa Szejwallo, Trafalgar South Africa MD: “Check out this infographic to see how much value you would get from a guided holiday in 2016 at 2015 prices. Our commitment is that no matter what journey the rand decides to take this year, you can rest assured that a guided holiday in Europe won’t cost you an arm and a leg.”

Here are Theresa’s top guided holiday picks in Europe for 2016:

Inspired by Italy

It’s the world’s smallest country, but it certainly packs a punch. When in Rome, don’t miss an opportunity to see the Vatican in all its splendour. Visit the magnificent Colosseum, sit on the Spanish Steps devouring a delicious gelato or throw a coin in Trevi Fountain to secure your return to Italy’s beautiful capital city. Explore the labyrinthine passages that weave their way through Venice, one of Europe’s most romantic cities.  Enjoy Italy Bellissimo as you head to Renaissance Florence, see the spectacular Duomo and cross the Arno river on the medieval Ponte Vecchio with its quirky little shops. See the isle of Capri, the volcanic excavations at Pompeii and take a selfie at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Go on, grab a slice of la bella Italia in 2016.  

Gallivant through Germany

Ditch all thoughts of lederhosen and little Red Riding Hood. Germany’s not all forests, castles and imposing concrete structures. Vibrant modern cities showcasing the destination’s explosion of arts, culture and nightlife are waiting to be explored. The Best of Germany takes visitors through the stunning scenery of the Rhine, Black Forest and Bavarian Alps. Explore Frankfurt, Rothenberg and Heidelberg’s rich history and the modernity of Berlin and Munich. Cruise past medieval castles and terraced vineyards along the mighty Rhine and delight in Rothenburg, one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in Germany. It’s time to satisfy that wanderlust!

Fall in love with France

Dive into France’s foodie extravaganza, its cultural savoir faire and that little bit of je ne sais quois that makes it one of the world’s most treasured tourism destinations. To see the Best of France start your French adventure in the city of light, sauntering down the Champs Élysées, posing for a selfie next to the Eiffel Tower and marvelling at the impressive Arc d'Triomphe. Next stop is the classy town of Bordeaux. Built along the Garonne river, Bordeaux is the wine industry capital of the world and the perfect base from which to explore the picturesque countryside and medieval ‘Bastide’ villages. Shop till you drop, explore the hidden squares and secret passages of two of France’s most fascinating cities and of course, don’t forget to practice your French pout.

Give Iberia a whirl

Very affordable for South Africans right now are culturally diverse Spain and Portugal offering visitors a holiday filled with incredible history, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. See the Highlights of Spain and Portugal starting in the flamboyant Spanish capital of Madrid, making your way past the hanging houses of Cuenca en route to Valencia for a little paella and Seville for more than a little flamenco fun. Pop into Portugal and the beautiful capital city of Lisbon perched on seven hills. Must-see highlights include the UNESCO World Heritage Hieronymite Monastery site as well Belem Tower, not to mention sneaking in a quick bica (espresso) and delicious pasteis de nata (custard tartlet). You’ll see the famed Catholic shrine at Fatima, then travel through the beautiful central Spanish city of Salamanca and the Imperial City, Toledo. Olé Olé… 

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