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mad for guided holidays

mad for guided holidays


Banish all thoughts of cash-strapped backpackers hitching their way through Europe. The new generation of traveller, the Millennial generation, has travel brands working hard to meet their increasing demands of personalisation, authenticity and value-for-money.


Millennial travelers expect to be plugged in all the time. That means continuous access to great WiFi, apps and other travel technology to enhance their travel experience. They trust and are inspired by their peers’ recommendations and are less likely to listen to what a travel brand tells them. They want unique experiences, are curious about the world and intent on exploring it on their own terms.


No more queues to see the Sistine Chapel. An authentic Italian lunch with Sr. Telli and his family. A stay in a real-life castle. What’s more, a 2016 holiday at 2015 prices since Trafalgar fixed its rand rate in August 2015 before the rand took a 30% dive against all major international currencies. What’s more, we are running a special on all the above Trafalgar trips of 7.5% off the total package providing the booking is made and full payment is received by 25 March 2016.


So if you’re headed to Europe in 2016, these are Trafalgar’s top recommendations for a Millennial trip of a lifetime:



Rome and Tuscan Highlights

Dreaming of golden hues lighting up the Tuscan countryside? Drizzling olive oil over delicious and delectable calorie-laden dishes? Or perhaps cobblestone courtyards and ancient alleyways? This is Tuscany and nowhere will your Millennial senses be teased more than its medieval towns and vineyards and olive groves. Visit the Museo Leonardiano, housed in a medieval castle guarding the old town of Vinci. Visit the Sistine Chapel and see Michelangelo’s magnificent frescoed Pietà. Explore the quaint Tuscan town of San Gimignano, famed for its ring of towers that can be seen several kilometres from town. And empty that purse on locally produced delicacies and hand-painted Tuscan pottery.  See Florence, Pisa and Rome all on one trip – authentic Italy at its best.


Spanish Wonder

Don’t forget to cross your siestas and dot your olés - it’s off to Spain this 2016 if you want great value for money on your South African rand budget. Explore Andalusia’s Moorish twist and Spain’s main cities of Madrid, Seville and Barcelona. Salsa down Toledo’s ancient cobbled streets and watch steep craftsmen at work, enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine and learn about the influence of the Moors on Spain’s culture and heritage. Dine at an authentic ranch with views over the Andalucian countryside, visit the magnificent Alhambra Palace in Granada with a local specialist and ramble up Barcelona’s las Ramblas to see Gaudi’s quirky architecture that adds real character to the city.  You’ll have two nights in Barcelona to explore its magic and an easy connection through Madrid.



Secrets of Ireland

They say Ireland would be even more wonderful if it had a roof over it. And it is this great sense of Irish charm and humour, not to mention the beautiful countryside, that will keep you coming back for more. Stay in fairy tale castles, get your craic on in Dublin and enjoy the windswept and rugged, wild Cliffs of Moher as you make a complete circle of Ireland, from Galway to Guinness, Killarney to Kerry. Gain real insight into Ireland’s thoroughbred industry at the Irish National Stud, take a walk to Torc Waterfall and be Paula Brennan’s guest near Sligo for delicious food, fine company and the poetry of Yeats.  You’ll sleep and dine in ancient castles, cruise on the Shannon and, no doubt, find your way to a shebeen or two (like all things fun, the word shebeen actually came from Ireland).

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